Learn how to create memorable class experiences.

We know that the music we choose for our classes sets the tone for a great workout experience, and we've spent years researching how to curate playlists that give each class a unique feel while still keeping all of our clients motivated and engaged. Our Music Course is designed to teach you how to create the best workout experiences for your clients using music.

What we will cover

Our Music Course covers everything you need to understand music, how to create memorable class experiences for different demographics, and how to provide the best workouts for your clients' needs.

  • Music Basics: What is music? How does it work? And why should you care?

  • The Science behind Music + Performance: We'll explain how music impacts your performance, and how to use it effectively in your classes.

  • Music + Physiology: We'll go over how music impacts your physiology, including its effects on heart rate and blood pressure.

  • The Effects of Music: We'll talk about how different genres affect the brain in different ways, helping you curate the best playlist for your class.

  • In-depth explanations of musical concepts like musicality and dance. Tips on how to curate playlists for different genres of music (including pop, rock, hip hop and more).

  • You'll also learn about the law surrounding music licensing and how to use iTunes effectively.

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